How to Root the LG Watch Urbane ( B285 )

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A few days ago I’ve bought a LG Watch Urbane from the Google Store since it seemed to me the very first “elegant” wear device.
I really like old fashioned wrist watches so I waited for something similar to be on the market before getting a Wear device.

Unfortunately, being it a relatively new device, there aren’t many informations on the web on how to root it, so I started asking for infos on XDA and finally, with the help of suzook and suljo94 I’ve managed to do it.
Apparently, almost the same procedure of the LG G Watch R applies, but in order to make it work on the Urbane I needed different files, namely:

  • The specific TWRP recovery image for this device. download
  • The Wear version of the SuperSU update zip. download

These are the simple steps to follow in order to root the LG Watch Urbane:

  1. Connect your device to the USB port of your computer ( I take for granted you have adb and fastboot installed ).
  2. Enable the developer menu, going into Settings -> Informations and tapping on the “Build” entry for 7 times.
  3. Go to the unlocked Developer Options settings menu and enable ADB Debugging.
  4. Unplug the device and plug it back, it should ask you if you want to allow your computer to connect to it, of course, allow it.
  5. Now open a terminal, and execute adb reboot bootloader to get into the bootloader.
  6. To unlock it, execute fastboot oem unlock ( This will wipe your device data! ).
  7. Setup the wiped device, and execute steps from 1 to 4 again.
  8. Again, adb reboot bootloader.
  9. Flash the TWRP image by issuing fastboot flash recovery twrp- ( make sure you have the img file in the same folder you’re working in ).
  10. Now copy the SuperSU zip archive adb push /sdcard/.
  11. Start the TWRP recover by executing adb reboot recovery.
  12. Use the Install option, select the zip file of SuperSU and flash it ( do not enable signature verification or the whole process will fail! ).
  13. Reboot your device and you’re ready to go, enjoy the root ^_^