Hi, my name is Simone (a male name in my country) and I like computers, in a sense we could say I’m literally an Internet fed child … which means I have no formal education but the books and the code I decided to read along the way ( a collection of my fav. ones so far ).

I’m quite proud about it, quoting what George Hotz said:

I think college is potentially the greatest scam in history.

Being an extremely curious creature about pretty much everything, when I’m not learning something, I’m trying to use what I previously learned to create something and test those skills (and myself ofc), that is why I strongly believe in Open Source and more broadly speaking in free and fair information sharing for everyone (did I already mention I’m not a fan of the current worldwide education system?).

The downside(?) of this: I jump from one subject to another … I’m no exploit writer but I know how to find vulnerabilities and write exploits, I’m no security researcher but I know how to do code review and write documentation about my findings, I’m no…ok, you got it.

My main philosophy is that time is a very finite resource, using it for what really matters should be our top priority and “what really matters” can be very subjective… in my case, it’s expanding knowledge and inner growth.

What I’m most interested into is: computer security (wow much cyber), programming, machine learning, physics, music, movies, good books, tattoo art, politics, philosophy, privacy and human rights, open source and -put all the hacker clichès here-

Someone I meet occasionally but that I trust recently told me I look very confident … trust me, I’m not. If you ever met me at some hacker conference, you probably found me to be a very shy and silent kind of guy (if not, it means I already know you for a while). Someone else finds me arrogant and an asshole (phrasing) instead … I’m just a very honest guy who doesn’t like being compliant at all … and yeah, sometimes I can be the worst asshole, but that’s intentional, do the math mf. When it’s not intentional, it’s either because I’m working on something and very busy on that, or because it’s one of those i hate the world days … I’m sorry for that.

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and that you’ll forgive me for my english, it’s not my mother tongue :)


Simone AKA evilsocket

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