RuberTooth - a Complete Ruby Porting of the Ubertooth Libraries and Utilities.

Today, finally my ubertooth arrived and I immediately started hacking with it.


I installed its libraries and tools both on OS X and on my Linux virtual machine, and after a while I noticed a few things:

  • The compilation process is not well documented for newer versions of OS X, thus manual code patching here and there is required.
  • Some of the tools are only available for GNU/Linux.
  • Some of the tools are unstable.
  • There’s no way to create my own UberTooth scripts without using C.

Regarding the last point, there is a Python porting which is incomplete, it lacks most of the features that the native libraries have, so ubertooth is definitely not a scriptable device … or maybe not :)

I studied the USB communication protocol implemented inside libubertooth and found out that is very easy and well implemented, so I started to write some Ruby code ( I hate Python! ) using the libusb gem and a new project was born :)

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