GPD Pocket 7: Impressions, GNU/Linux Installation and Offensive Setup

It’s no secret I’ve been recently playing with the GPD Pocket 7, an ultra small laptop which can run GNU/Linux and has more than decent hardware. Tablets are cool and everything, but I’ve been a fan of ultra portable Linux devices since the Sharp Zaurus series. Considering that a lot of people were interested I decided to write this post to share my impressions, installation procedure and configuration tips.


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Back From the Grave: ELF32 Universal Command Injector

Just a post about a small software I wrote years ago, I don’t want it to be lost.
The concept itself was quite simple, you give to it any ELF executable as input and the software will search for space to inject a shellcode of its own, which will execute a custom command.
The resulting executable will continue to work as expected, but it will spawn the command wit an execl call.

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