Past, Present and Future of Bettercap

Four months passed since my first blog post about bettercap, a lot of fixes have been released and a lot of new features have been implemented.
In this post I’d like to talk about some of these new features and describe them a little bit, this is basically a big changelog since the very first version, for a complete list of code changes you can read the releases github page.

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Introducing FIDO, a Minimalistic, IDE-Agnostic C/C++ Project Generator.

I don’t know you, but I always find myself performing the same kind of stuff over and over again dozens of times per month, such as:

  • Create project folder.
  • Create src and include folders.
  • Fill them with a basic main.c(pp)
  • Create the Makefile, fill tue rules.

What about remembering all the times how to set the SYSROOT variable when I’m using the Android NDK?
Or maybe create the CMakeLists.txt and try to remember each directive, which I don’t, so I find myself googling for the same kind of stuff over and over … and btw it’s funny since I happen to use CMake for years now.

So I decided that I had enough of this, when I want to test just a simple line of C/C++ code it takes me more time to create all the project folder tree than to write the code itself … and FIDO was born.

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