How TELCOs Are Bullying Researchers, an Italian Story.

Those of you following my blog from the beginning, know that I was actively involved in the router hacking scene, mostly during the period in which I wrote the very first implementations of both Telecom Alice ( and this ) and Fastweb routers WPA key calculators and unlockers after the great reversing job performed by another italian group.
Those scripts allowed anyone to unlock hidden services in their routers ( as for the Alice scripts ) and to compute default WPA keys having just basic informations such as mac addresses, etc, demonstrating how broken the end-user security policies were.

Despite the fact I received in the past more than one intimidatory email from representatives of those two companies, I’ve never wrote or talked about that … I was smarter enough to understand that this kind of legal bullshit is better to be ignored, unless you have done something truly illegal.

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