Presenting OpenBank, a Safe and Easy to Use BTC Tracker

Are you a BitCoin user and do you happen to have many wallets and have a hard time to track their whole balance like me? If your answer is yes then you might find useful my latest project called OpenBank!

OpenBank is a Laravel and Angular based web application that you can use to keep track of your BitCoin public keys, your total balance and so forth. All the data is collected in realtime and will be shown to you on its web interface.

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Hacking Yourself Out of the Banking System and Live Only on BitCoin [EPISODE 2]


Since my latest post about BitCoin went viral it also got published on Quartz, The Memo and other various magazines.
Some people also asked me to keep writing about this and give them updates about my decision to ditch banks for BitCoin, so here I am :)

Unfortunately I’m still unable to fully avoid banks as I’m moving to another apartment and I need some money in my account, so at least for this month I had to get my wage sent to my main bank account, but within the next 1-2 months I’ll be able to move all of my assets to BTC.

In the meantime, here’re some clarifications about my previous post and some more insights/updates.

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Hacking Yourself Out of the Banking System and Live Only on BitCoin

I’ve been interested in BitCoin since the very beginning but, until now, I considered BTC some very nice cryptographic experiment with high potential but almost no effects on real life.
A few years ago, buying BTC or selling them in order to get fiat ( “real” currency such as USD, EUR, etc ) wasn’t easy at all, but now things changed and things are much easier.
That’s why I decided to live only with BitCoin and this is how I’m trying to do it.


Please be aware that this is still work in progress, I’m trying the methods I’m going to show you these very same days, do not give my word for granted, if you want to follow this path, please be sure you know what you’re doing and most importantly double check every single thing.

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